A BIGGER income is a BETTER lifestyle. Time is so precious; Why waste it? As I always say, “Today is the day to be ready.” Trading gives you the opportunity to reach real solid financial goals todayI know that there are individuals out there who will readily excel at trading once they take my course.

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What is Digital Trading?

Trading Template is an Online Digital Trading Course that will walk you through a process of knowing exactly how to extract cash from the market. Mike has put together a specific order of how to trade, when to trade, and what to trade. After 20+ years, Mike still uses his “template" he discovered and he believes that ANYONE can learn how to generate additional income from home with just one tool, the LOC.

Watch Mike Build Up a Small Account by Trading the Futures Market from his iPhone

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Mike Aston and his wife Lynn Aston

About Your Instructor

Mr. Aston and his wife have been digitally trading for 20+ years. They have been able to generate a good portion of their income from home. Simply by going online and knowing how to buy and sell stocks. Two of Mike’s nieces, Payton and Tori, are at that point in their life where they are ready to find a way to generate their own source of income. Mike agreed to teach them how to trade stocks, if they would help put it in a digital format. This is how The Trading Template was created.

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