Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Template?
My template is "the way I trade". My template is my PROCESS. It is NOT an algorithm. It is NOT something you put on a software program. You can use ANY brokerage account you want. Once I teach you my template "how to trade", then you will simply be able to go and apply it to ANY financial market. You could apply it to Stocks, Forex, Options, Cryptocurrencies, any financial markets and trade them the same. It does not matter what platform you use.
Are there any reviews for your course?
Yes, we have been collecting some of our reviews on Trust Pilot.
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Is the trading technique proprietary?

I would say so. The methods I use to engage the market are based on my initial two key factors. First factor- I have limited money to risk and possibly lose. Second factor- I only want to allocate limited time to this endeavor. I need this to be productive utilizing no more than 5 random hours a week.

Once I reversed engineered the process of "how my brain saw things" the trading steps unfolded, I was able to develop a "template" that indicates to me when an optimum time is to engage and disengage a trade. I have used the exact same methods- "template" for the last 20 years.

After you learn the template- (the process that I teach you), THEN you will be able to use that specialized knowledge in any financial market. For example you might want to trade Options, or Futures or Forex, or Stocks. When you know "how to engage correctly", then you can chose what area you want to trade in.

How are your students doing?
Check out our updated review page here:
You can see an update on how our students are doing and how they feel about the course.
How do you trade this crazy market?
This market is exactly what a proficient trader wants. We want movement. This market is great for traders that know how to engage correctly.
How much money do you need to start trading?

Lets answer it with this in mind- "as a person thinks is the way a person goes". Once a person learns how to trade CORRECTLY, and that means how to engage and disengage the market properly - then and only then - can they decide which financial markets they want to trade.

They might want to trade something called options or Forex or futures. Each of those require a starting capital of $500-$1000. The brokerage firm then can give you a multiple of 10-100 times for your buying power.

REMEMBER, the key is to learn how to trade FIRST. It is a mistake in thinking- and usually prevents someone from becoming great, if they get overly concerned about which market and how much they need and things like that up front. I'm not saying the person asking that question is overly concerned- I'm just pointing out a sequence of the way events and thinking patterns need to be.

Don't worry about the market you're going to trade "yet". Until you get that done; Meaning until you learn how to trade correctly.

Now if you're someone who wants to trade the stock market and if you do have $25,000 to fund your account/ you can get four times the buying power as margin. That's what I do- so that's how I can afford to play higher priced stocks. The stocks I play are ones that move.

However if I didn't have that much money- here is what I would do: because I know how to "trade correctly"- I would simply go trade options or futures. I could fund my account with $500, and work my way from there. Same difference.

What is the common big mistake?

Many new traders make mistakes when starting out in this field. These costly mistakes are avoidable.

Here is a primary mistake made- Starting to practice "before" they are completely trained in the correct process.

Do not practice until you are trained by an experienced trader. You are just reinforcing the wrong patterns in you brain.

Can I be a successful trader?

A primary qualifier that I see- as an early indicator to success, is this- if someone can and will be open to seeing the task of generating income in a different light.

For example- Can you see yourself generating a weeks income in 5 hours or less? I know you would like that, but can you have some faith in yourself that you can learn to do that?

Would you at least be open to me teaching you how to think that way? And then actually doing it?

Another key success indicator is- "How long does it take you to make a decision?

Another indicator is- "Are you fearful in starting? If you are new to trading, you should be apprehensive. That is normal. However, do you know the direct antidote to removing fear? Most don't apply the antidote.

I remember the first time I made a few thousand dollars trading. It was like a first kiss. You don't forget.

If someone is "working" 40-60 hours per week, because that is "normal", then their internal thinking will be the stumbling block. If on the other hand, you are open to being taught, (just like everything you know was taught to you), then I can show you my template and you can start applying it.

Does your teaching apply to more than just stocks?
Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, Forex, Options etc. They are all based on "directional dynamics". Once you learn the correct metrics of engaging and disengaging a trade, you can easily apply it to all financial markets.
How easy is it to learn?
One of the reasons Mike agreed to open this specialized knowledge up with the world is because of his nieces. That is also why he chose to have them in the videos. He wanted to show everyone that two young lady's, age 18 and 22 can easily pick this up and start applying it.
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, most folks access the course for two months while they are learning the material and then they’re comfortable with everything. We give you four months of access to the material across any and all devices you own. Under special circumstances we could make the material available to you longer. A small nominal fee may apply.

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