Mike Trades the Futures Market - Part 1

You can trade with smaller amounts of money, using a market called Futures. He is trading right from his phone over the course of a week. Even though not all trades are winning trades, a proficient trader, will develop a consistency day after day.

New Futures Trading Series Part 2

In part two Mike shows you five different trades he makes over the course of a few hours, making a profit of $2,537 all before lunch time.

New Futures Trading Series Part 3

Mike talks about how the Futures Market opens up on Sunday night and how you're able to trade all week through the night, so even if you have a 9-5 job, you can trade Futures before or after work

New Futures Trading Series Part 4

Mike goes "short" in the morning and talks about the trades he made the night before. He shows you a losing trade he had and talks about an open trade that was losing money, but then turned around and became profitable.

New Futures Trading Series Part 5

This is the 5th day of the Futures Trading Series. Mike reviews how much he made each day and what he's at now at the end of his week. His last day of the series he ends his day with $3,326

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