Extended Access - with the Trading Template course:

Many have asked to have additional time to the training videos. They either got sidetracked and weren't able to devout the repetition needed in watching the videos, and haven't fully embedded the concepts or they simply realize the power in being able to constantly have them to replay. The best success is with the students who have watched the videos over many times.

We came up with this inexpensive version if you want to continue to have the course videos at your disposal.

When choosing this version of 'Learn to Trade' you retain access to the course for 12 full months.

With purchasing this 'Learn to Trade + Extended Access' you will also gain access to a new set of videos with Mike reviewing his students' trading challenges.  These are really insightful.

My "Extended Access Course" specifically focuses on the mind traps that many have.

Everyone has different ways of processing information and everyone takes it all in at different speeds.

See how I help untangle the thoughts some students are wrestling with.

Here's what's included in the Extended Access Bundle:

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Mike Aston teaching two nieces to trade stocks

About Your Instructor

I have experienced the freedom of generating income from home for the past 20 years. When I first started learning, it took me three years before I discovered when the optimum time to engage the market was. This "Trading Template" I created has been the key to my success. My two nieces showed interest in learning how I generated my income from home through trading. I agreed to teach the girls as long as they would record each lesson and put it into a digital format. I've always said, “It is – what you don’t know – that is robbing you.” I decided to open this course up so that others, like Tori and Payton, who are seeking to experience financial freedom can now have the knowledge to do so.

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Mike's course is well worth it!

"I’m a 57 yr old professional who owns a small business here in Florida and I’ve always had a desire to dive deeper into trading equities. I used to trade on the side back in the early 90’s which was of course a different experience back then.

Running a small business took me away from trading but I also experienced a few bad trading decisions that lost me a good amount of money and more importantly the confidence to jump back in. All I can say is wow!"

-Mike W

TradingTemplate.com is Superb!

"TradingTemplate.com gives a superb introduction into Online Trading for those who are new in this arena. After taking this course, one would be reasonably confident to enter into the Trading world, irrespective of the Market - whether it be stocks, Forex, commodities, crypto, or any other.

As far me, I can swear, had I first come across ANY other course than tradingtemplate.com's, I would have been totally disinterested in Trading itself. So, I can say, TradingTemplate.com is a life-changer for me."

-Daniel Gonzalez

I would like to mention:

"I would like to mention it was by accident that i came across Mikes invitation to trade anywhere in the world in the comfort of your home. I was paying my bills at the time. We took up the offer to purchase the course late 2019. The truth of the matter I asked myself -what if this could change my financial position?

So I replayed the Youtube of Mikes presentation to my wife and we agreed to give it ago. Mike has the ability to present the course in a easy to understand manner, that his experience of 20 years plus has consolidated. The concepts he reveals in his template (process) which I believe are gold."

-David McCarthy.