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Option 1: Learn to Trade Course

INCLUDES: 10 HOURS OF VIDEO CONTENT (not 40, not 100, just 10 hours.

(I mention this because most naturally think more content is better! ) Completely wrong!


In these videos he demonstrates the elusive few specific principles that are the hinge to Mike's success.

Nothing else!

Mike will show you how to become comfortable and peaceful in the trading game.

The Trading Template is an online video course that will walk you through Mike's process that allows him to interpret the market makers intentions. (Market makers are the people who make the financial markets move up and down.)

In case you don't know, the market is designed to take our money from us. It does that by giving us false information. Add that- to our natural biases, and we become the big suckers!

Fortunately Mike has great patience and determination. After, 3 years of trial and much error, with REAL trades, which means lots of losing money, he uncovered what was happening internally in his mind, that was producing failure.

This course shows you the what, why, and when of knowing with high probability- "the how" to extract cash from the market. 

The tons of information about trading concepts can be found anywhere for free. But the results are very well published- Even when people get all that information, most still fail at trading.

So what does that tell you - information alone is not the answer.

An analogy might be a combination lock with 6 digits. You can be told the 6 digits, but unless you know the very specific order of the digits and the timing of the digits and a 3rd dimension, the direction of the digits, you would be hopelessly applying your efforts in vain.

This is really the crux of the matter- Why pay someone for information you think you can get for free?

It's the "know how" to interpret and then apply the sequence that only experience can provide.

Experience that unlocks the mystery. I call it a mystery, because it has eluded countless people over the decades.

Mike has put together this specific video training that should help you to trade with confidence and peacefulness.

After 25+ years, Mike still uses his same “template” he discovered and he believes that anyone with normal learning capacity can learn how to generate income from home.

In this course you will join Mikes two nieces, as they learn how to properly engage the flow of money. 

I don't like to use the word "secret" but since very few individuals see with clarity the real flow of trading, it seems like an appropriate word.

The secret - is to shift your thinking. YOU must be willing to alter your natural thinking and beliefs about money.

This is the only way you can see the market from a different view point.

Mike says there are only two sides of the coin in trading- Winning or Losing. Otherwise known as "Happy or Not Happy."

He discovered the person who knows how to “lose correctly” becomes the winner.  The money is on the other side of losing.

He explains this with great detail!

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Option 2: Learn to Trade + Extended Access


Extended Access - with the Trading Template course:

Many have asked to have additional time to the training videos. They either got sidetracked and weren't able to devout the repetition needed in watching the videos and haven't fully embedded the concepts or they simply realize the power in being able to constantly have them to replay. The best success is with the students who understand the power of repetition, and watch the videos many times.

We came up with this inexpensive version if you want to continue to have the course videos at your disposal.

When choosing this version of 'Learn to Trade' you retain access to the course for 12 months.

With purchasing this 'Learn to Trade + Extended Access' you will also gain access to a new set of videos with Mike dealing with students trading challenges.  These are really insightful.

My "Extended Access Course" specifically focuses on the mind traps that many have.

Everyone has different ways of processing information and everyone takes it all in at different speeds.

See how I help untangle the thoughts some students are wrestling with.


Always start with questions. — Who are you? and What kind of thinking do you have?

Are you one of the many people wishing they had better finances? But just stay there wishing….. not really willing to do anything about improving. Please let today be a solid start in the correct direction. You have come here for a reason.

IF you are ready to take steps to financial independence and completely turn around your way of seeing the work world- then join us today in learning the trading template.

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