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A Note for the Experienced Traders...

I was a ‘professional’ full time daytrader from 1993-1999. Life took me in a different career path from there, but I always knew someday I would get back into trading for a living once I was able to semi-retire. Fast forward to 2019 and that time to trade finally arose again. God led me to a man named Mike Aston who was in a network associated with my wife. I was/am an owner of a successful real estate investment company. Mike an I had similar interests, so we connected a few times for lunch. Once I found out Mike had been successfully trading for the last 20 years, and just put together a program explaining his methods while teaching his nieces to trade…I knew I had to buy it. God led me to him for a reason. It didn’t take a prophet to see that right when I’m in a position to start trading again, I’m introduced to a man who has had continued success and is willing to share his system!

Mike has a special gift at not just simplifying a complicated technique like trading, but more importantly has a gift of clearly communicating the importance of your thinking, and how to change your mind. It’s like getting a trading coach, and a head coach all in one!

It will be challenging at first for most experienced traders (including myself), who have bought into every analytical system, technical trading methods, news propaganda, etc. to let go of these ‘indicators’ and simply believe in this one simple method. But there is no debating it, once you see it work over and over and over again. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Mike’s (or any) system will work 100% of the time. That does not exist. But it’s a game of probabilities, and Mike’s system will put you on the winning side of the equation.

In my opinion, this program is a MUST have for anyone who truly has the desire to be a consistently winning trader (and not an analytical geek 😉)! – Scott Dale