Today, April 20th, 2018 I made $2,500 bucks. I made $1,500 bucks yesterday. The big bucks the day before as you saw in my videos. Find a mentor to teach you to trade. If it's me, great. If not, find somebody else.

Okay, it's Friday. This will be my week of video making for you guys and gals. And I'm very excited. I'm so excited when people are interested in really doing something to change their financial life. You know, I made that video recently and I said "Hey, what are the reasons that hold people back?" and a couple people have been responding. Which is very nice. And I'm seeing some common threads with some people. One of the things I noticed right away is people make this huge list that they present to themselves of the obstacles. They create hurdles like crazy. One guy says well I’ve got to get my, save up my money to get the course. And I'm thinking well why save up your money 3 - 4 months to get it? Put it on a credit card and then make payments if you have to. Okay? Start your training now. Why wait 4 months? You'll be done, if you started your training now you'll be ready to go. Another one was well I don't quite have the money if I want to trade stocks. You know the day trading pattern rule thing. Well, he just maybe doesn't know but there's another thing. Once you know how to trade correctly, you've been taught, you know how to engage the market correctly. There's options, there's Futures and a thing called Currencies. Where it only takes $1000 to open up those accounts. You could start trading. If i printed out all those charts, Forex, Futures, Options, and Stocks and Iwere to cover up the names and the prices, you could not tell me which one was which. Cause they look the same, they trade the same. So, see some of his hurdles that he put in his list of why he cant get started trading, was just because of a lack of understanding. That's all. So anyway, never give yourself more than one hurdle. And then ultimately come down to analyze yourself. Do you really have it in you do you really wanna be financially independent? then make your list of why should. Another reason he says, "I just don't have a whole lot of time. I'm busy working all the time." Think about that, maybe that's why we want to learn to trade? It's just people entangle themselves.

Anyway, here's 5 trades I have. This is Friday. 5 days had winning trades every day this week. It's because I know what I'm doing. You know the big question, what is the ultimate question? Heres what I think it is: When is an optimum time? Not the only time, not the best time, not sometime. When is an optimum time to engage the market? When is an optimum time to disengage? They're both equally powerful questions. And you’ve got to know it. And once someone teaches you, maybe it's me. Maybe its someone else. You should be able to learn that.

That's what happening today and you look at the very top in the red it says it's 11:45 AM So that's the 20th April 20th 2018. One of these days I hope to stop making these videos. Cause it really takes a lot of my time, you can tell that, okay? There’s no reason for me to be doing it for myself. I know what I'm doing. I'm just trying to find a way to communicate, in a sincere way, to, ya know what, nothing happens to you? Start. If you cant, find the confidence. If you are just a wisher. You’re locked into that wishing loop. If your mind constantly see the negative. Back to that think I said the other day on a video "Hey, what is it that hold people back" some guy says "Hey, I looked at your stuff. It looks good. You’re at the top of my list, if I was gonna trade but it just seems too good to be true." and I really don’t know how to get over that. It's seems too good to be true? I mean, how do you defuse that from somebody? When it simply is true. I just don’t know how to combat that. If you come up with an idea let me know.

When you trade the way I trade, a very relaxed way. I'm not rushing. You know, you see a lot of these guys they show you their trades they're like having to be spot on, ya know sniper shots, they're in or they're out and they're doing it super fast. Eh, I can't handle any of that stuff. So mine is very calm and easy and take your time, but one of the trades offs I have is, I could have locked that thing in at the top and had an extra $400 I've done this for 20 years this is no big deal. So, thats why I don’t freak out and try to take every dollar that they give me.

Now, my "template". The way I trade. My "template" is my "process" And I need to get clearer with people. It's not an algorithm. It's not something you put on a software program. You can use any brokerage account you want. Once I teach you how to trade, then you will simply be able to go apply it to any financial market. And you could apply it to some other things. But financial markets. And trade them equally the same okay? I don’t care what platform I'm on really. I do like Trade Station. It's very good. I've had them for 18 years. The commission costs is a dollar per 100 shares trade. It's cheap. They're effective. It's reliable. They got this app. This is a key thing for me, I've said it before. Since I've got this app on my phone. I'm sitting in the Lowes parking lot by the way getting ready to buy some stuff and uh, I'm making my money today.

Isn't it so interesting that how some stocks are going down and some stocks are going up? That was a fascinating thing when I, I know that's happening all the time but I never knew when I first started learning about stocks and I was coming across that "Short Selling" idea and that just threw me for a loop. It literally took me months to get my brain around the short selling idea. I had to get sticky notes and put them on my screen: "Okay, if I think I want to short sell, this is how I do it." It was so complicated to me. And uh, but now its just fascinating because once you become a treader the only thing you need to be thinking about doing if you take a suggestion. At this stage, if you're new to this: There's only two outcomes. Winning and Loosing. Okay? And so you need to know how to deal with those and what it means. You are simply looking to find someone to train you. You either need to make up your mind. You're gonna go solo. Do it all on your own. Try to find and put the pieces together. And I give you a real good big luck for that. Okay, it's the worst thing you could do, but you decide. Whats best for you. Finding someone if it's yours truly to help you, man that'd be awesome. You can't be offended that I am a biblical person. That's just the way I Iive, if that bothers you, I’m telling you up front. Then doing hook up with me. Cause I see the information, the way I Iive the way I think about things, the way I learned to trade is from spiritual, biblical stuff. I'm just mentioning that to you. I just, I believe in that wholeheartedly. And uh, but find a mentor. If it's me, great. If not, find somebody else. So they can shortcut it. Cause listen, you're running out of time. Think about it. Every day you're doing your thing. You're not going anywhere. If you've been looking around more than a month or two and thinking about trading then whats wrong? Now it could be that you could say "Well, I just haven't found anybody that I really feel even comfortable with." I can go for that. So I know what you're talking about. If that's it, then that's a legitimate reason. You have not found someone you're comfortable with. If you've come to my site and you found me and you're like like "Hey, that guy maybe makes sense." or whatever and you've gone to my site. I say this to people: If you've watched the 4 - 5 videos on my site and after you've watched those, if you don't have an 85 - 95% clear conviction, like wow, this makes sense. I like this guys approach. I think I can communicate well with him. If you don't have that then I say don't do it. And then some people actually like to talk to me on the phone. Cause I'm open to doing that. let them know that there's really someone behind the screen there. If they then talk to me and someone at that point has watched the videos, they've spoken to me, if they can't make up their mind right then, I say something internally is amiss and that may be cut out to be financially independent is just not your deal. And you just have to own up to it. That might not be your calling; your gift to be that way. So try to, try to start, that's where it all happens. Make a decision. Good or bad. Make a decision. And start. I'm here to help you if I can.

Awesome! I'm done! Hey, guys and gals, please, let someone help you. It's a wonderful life. I've been doing this trading for over 20 years. I haven't had a basic job and uh, you can get your spouse involved and you can get your kids involved. It's just a different deal. So, put a call my way if you need to talk to me in person. Okay, thank you.