Video C: What is Digital Trading?

Watch this video below to see why Mike is offering this course

The Trading Template is an online digital trading course that will walk you through Mike's process that he uses to extract cash from the market. Mike has put together a specific system of key elements that once you learn, you should have a much more comfortable and peaceful approach to trading.

After 25 years, Mike still uses his “template” he discovered, and he believes that anyone can learn how to generate additional income from home if they are willing to make the elusive mental tweaks.

In this course you will join Mikes two nieces, as they learn how to properly engage the flow of money.

Mike says there are only two sides of the coin in trading. Winning and Losing. He discovered the person who knows how to “lose correctly” is the one who can then learn to win correctly.

The money is on the other side of losing. He explains this in great detail.

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Click the link below to watch 60 Real Trades and examples of Mike playing the market down.