Video D: 60 Real Trades

I'm going to show you several trades and the only thing I want you to see about this is a couple of points. One, I do it from anywhere. I trade from my phone, my desktop computer at my house, and occasionally if i'm on a trip I might pop open a laptop and do it from there. The second thing I want to show you is the consistency. You'll see how many trades I made. Not every trade do I have a winning trade but you'll see the consistency of calling it correctly whether i'm playing the stock up or down.


Always start with questions. — Who are you? and What kind of thinking do you have?

Are you a "Doer" or just a hearer? One of the many people "wishing" they had better finances. But just stay there wishing….. not really willing to do anything about improving. Please let today be a solid start in the correct direction. You have come here for a reason.

It's a matter of what you know and more importantly- “what you don’t know“.

If you are not making, as a secondary income, $50K, 100k or 500k, it is simply because you do not know how to. That seems like a strange statement, but I think it is true. It is not anything to be ashamed of. 

I was in the same situation for many years. You simply have not been taught how to think and do correctly. You need to have specialized skills. Skills that will put you in position to generate more income.

Ideally you should have an income source that – you will own. That is a huge condition to my financial plan. I do not accept that someone else will be in control of my income potential. One of the reasons I learned to trade is to own the correct knowledge. Now I am in control and own the specialized knowledge that lets me generate additional sources of income. It is very liberating.

Also you need to have income being generated while you are doing other things. We all know a job at best is just to stay afloat. NO ONE has freedoms with a job. It is actually silly when you really think about the job mindset. We all have been programmed to go that route at some point. Thankfully I changed paths. Hopefully you will let me share with you how to do the same.

I would like to share with you what I have been doing for many years. Trading can go one of two ways- the happy way or not so happy way. Meaning, there is one of two outcomes. Either you are losing money or you are gaining the money. Obviously the losing side is the problem. After making thousands of live trades, I was able to develop, what I call a “template” that keeps me on the gaining side. This is what I hopefully can teach you.

IF you are ready to take steps to financial independence and completely turn around your way of seeing the work world- then join us today in learning the trading template. Why learn this stuff– So you can make a $1000 a day! …from anywhere, anytime. I will share with you what I have been doing for 18 years. It is quite fascinating once you understand it.  

Just to be clear, I don't make a $1000 every single day. My goal is to be able to average that over the course of the month.