The Trading Template is an online video course that will walk you through the simple process of knowing exactly how to extract cash from the market. Mike has put together a specific system that will teach you how to trade, when to trade, and what to trade. After 20 years, Mike still uses his “template” he discovered and he believes that anyone can learn how to generate income from home with just one tool, the LOC.

In this course you will join Tori and Payton, Mikes two nieces, as they learn how to properly engage the flow of money. The secret is to , listen- follow- live. Mike says there are only two sides of the coin in trading. Winning and losing. He discovered the person who knows how to “lose correctly” becomes the winner. The money is on the other side of losing. He explains this with great detail.

Watch Mike make $200 a day below

If you've watched Video Series B: "Watch Mike make $1000/day", I can understand how someone could be very doubtful. Most people just DON'T make that kind of money. So, I thought I'd show you something more relatable, something you can believe, something to take it down a notch: $200 a day.


Be Your Own Boss

It is amazing how self-doubt has literally robbed so many people of the lives they dreamed of one day having due to fear. This is why taking a serious look into Digital Trading and what it has to offer is worth 30 minutes of your time today.


How Much Money Does it Takes to Trade?

There are other things you can trade, called options. I wanted to show someone that you don't have to have a lot of money.