Extended Access

If your access to the course is getting ready to expire, purchase this add-on to extend access. With New student challenge videos!

Extended Access - for Trading Template course - with New Student videos!

Many have asked to have additional time to the training videos. They either got sidetracked and weren't able to devout the repetition needed in watching the videos, and haven't fully imbedded the concepts or they simply realize the power in being able to constantly have them to replay. The best success is with the students who have watched the videos over 10-20 times.

We came up with this inexpensive add- on if you want to continue to have the course videos at your disposal.

You have the option to retain access for 8 additional months.

With purchasing this extension you will also gain access to a new set of videos with Mike dealing with students trading challenges. These are really insightful.

My "course extension program" specifically focuses on mind traps that many have.

Everyone has different ways of processing information and everyone takes it all in at different speeds.

See how I help untangle the thoughts some students are wrestling with.


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