People ask, "Is there a better time to trade than the other, than another time?" Virtually, I say, no. Why bother yourself. I trade when I'm ready. When I've got a few moments, I pop open my phone and there you go, I trade.

So I'm trading right now these futures: Gold (@GCG20) and E-Mini Dow Futures: (@YMH20) again these are futures contracts and you don't have to have much money at all to be able to trade in this market versus over in the stock world, it takes some money.

I'm going to close these trades right now let's go to positions. Boom, good, dismiss. There you go, that's how quick it is. Locked in after commissions, $453. Pretty cool and how much I had to use for these remember on one of these contracts on this Dow mini, it takes me about $1,500 to control one contract. So if you can come up with $1,500 to trade you can do one contract. There's others that are less, even different brokerage accounts have different requirements.

Alright so there you go two trades on my mobile phone and I'm done for a little while I'm gonna go get lunch. I'm here to help! Go to my website if you haven't been there you can see how I lay things out in my course. Alright, thank you for watching.